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Our Mission

Promoting a consistently Christ-centred worldview



Sophron Network delivers some services directly, but also promotes the work of its associates in four areas:​

Speaking on topical issues and big questions to ages, sceptics or believers, in person and through media. 

Training Christians to think biblically, apply truth in love pastorally, and evangelise persuasively. 

Resourcing with informative, engaging and practical Christian perspectives on issues in writing and video.

Advising Christian leaders about implications of issues  for leadership, pastoral care and disciple-making.  ​



Truth we seek to integrate insights from research and human experience with biblical truth.  We affirm the core Christian principles summarised in the World Evangelical Alliance statement of faith

Grace – we  believe all people are precious because they are created and loved by God, so we aim to honour everyone by communicating truth (clearly, honestly and persuasively) with grace (humbly, gently and patiently).


Partnership – we are diversely gifted people willing to work with any individual or organisation seeking to relate bible-based Christian faith to contemporary​ cultural, political, theological and social trends.



The work of Sophron Network is developed and coordinated by the Director, Dr Paul Coulter, assisted by a core team of volunteers who share the vision and values of the Network.

The services we promote are delivered by our associates, who are experienced and qualified people who freely identify as part of Sophron Network but work independently or for other organisations to provide one or more of our services.